Grog Flintbuckle
Grog Flintbuckle
He's mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore!












"The Angry Dwarf"

Grog Flintbuckle, also known as “The Angry Dwarf,” was the ambassador of Ironforge to Dalaran in the Great War of Lordaeron.

The Great WarEdit

When Skirvar Thaurissan slew the traitorous Yarin Angerforge, he order the dwarven army to cease support of Dalaran and return home to Ironforge. Little did Skirvar know that the dwarves would not make it home and instead who be intercepted and captured by the Hareveim under Zinizar, who were angry at their withdrawal. Grog discovered this, and was imprisoned with them.

Grog and the other dwarves were held captive in Dalaran’s underbelly and force-fed magical illusions until they were rescued by Skirvar, who sacrificed his own life in the process. While the other Companions lead the freed dwarves in an attempt to navigate the labyrinthine sewer system and make an escape, Grog and several other dwarves volunteered to stay behind and battle their pursuers so that the others could escape.

Teliel Zamashen tried to execute Grog but unwittingly failed. He managed to survive long enough to escape and gain medical attention, and then returned to Ironforge. His first-hand accounts of what went on in Dalaran helped inflame the dwarven people's anger and increased enrollment in Rogni Bronzebeard's volunteer army.

He started seeing Cadela Bronzebeard and became engaged to her.


"Name's Grog Flintbuckle, ye bitch." - Grog

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