They came from Appendix Three...

The Grippli (Hominis Ranuculus) were a race of small anthropomorphic frogs.


Grippli resemble small, intelligent, humanoid frogs. On average, they stand 3½ feet tall and weigh 35 to 40 pounds. They are generally brightly colored.

Grippli naturally secrete toxins through their skin as a sort of evolved defense mechanism. As a side effect, contact with the skin of a Grippli is poisonous to most humanoid species.


Due to their toxicity, Grippli are feared by other races and throughout history have continually been the victims of aggression and attempted genocide.

The Grippli once inhabited land adjacent to territory occupied by Shadowtooth Trolls. Due to several caustic interactions, the two species became enemies and the trolls beat the Grippli to near extinction.

As part of the old feud, Men'heva, a Shadowtooth troll by blood, manipulated part of the Doctrine to mandate the death of all Grippli in the name of Mnesthes. As a result, many worshippers of Mnesthes consider the continuing existence of the Grippli to be an affront to their deity, who they presuppose designates the course of life and death. Killing a Grippli is considered a cultural imperative, though they have become so rare that most consider them only a myth.

Krasus, having used a pocket dimension to save the race of Blue Dragons in the War of the Ancients, began using the same process to save other endangered species. The red dragon created a pocket dimension replicating the natural environment of the Grippli, a swampy marsh, and transplanted many of the species there - for their own safety. Though their numbers remain small, they live without fear of persecution.

Few Grippli exist outside of Krasus’ pocket dimension. Sadly, they were slaughtered when Men'heva raided the sanctum of Krasus.

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