The Great War of Lordaeron was a devastating war between the Pagans and Lightists. Initially engulfing the continent of Lordaeron, as the name would suggest, the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms was eventually drawn into the war.

  1. An era before the beginning of Warcraft 1.

It is the beginning of the Summertide in the Eastern Kingdoms. The snows have long since melted and the soils thawed out. Within months the lands swelter with a rough heat in Lordaeron, and the ice has grown thin in the southern lands of the dwarves.
The change in season is followed by a change in politics.
Throughout the entirety of the kingdoms, rumours arise within the homes and inns of the lands that the mighty kings and queens of the realms are tense and withdrawn. It is said that dark things stalk the night. Within the churches of the Holy Light, priests issue sermons warning against the evils of paganism. To worship false idols in place of the Light is dangerous, priests say. The people murmur. Crops fail.
Blame falls on the shoulders of the pagans.
Suspicion and fear turn to witch burnings and ambushes, slaughter of any who do not conform to society. The rage spreads, and soon the authorities have to take action. Some choose to shield their people from the paranoia, and become supporters of paganism in the eyes of the believers. Other monarchs support the witch trials, becoming enemies of those in need.
Ultimately, the nations are on the brink of war. What is to come next is up to the respective masters of the realm.


Kingdom of Lordaeron


The Benefactors

Maroon Cult of Brux

Azure Church of Gilneas

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