Grady Hines
It ain't easy being green...





Also Known As:

The Disgusting Oozeling


Deceased/Killed by Namor Periandrius



Nobody knows the origins of the disgusting, seemingly semi-sentient blob creatures that arise from the deep recesses of the moist earth. They are called by many names: oozes, slimes, sludges. None are desirable. Grady Hines was a poor orphan in Dalaran, eeking out a meager, filthy existence in the sewers. For whatever reason, the unnatural horrors called oozes did not devour him as they do most. Instead, they bonded with him. His skin is now covered with a thin layer of green slime, and he can summon oozes up from the earth that do his bidding. Oozes (and Hines himself) can project an aura of sickliness to incapacitate victims. They secrete an enzyme that slows the reflexes of their target. The sludge's entire body is a primitive sensory organ that can ascertain prey by scent and vibration within 60 feet. Hines himself is very unstable, due to his tragic youth and isolated existence. As such, he’s easy to manipulate

Your Majesty,

Ravenholdt has long cultivated a relationship with the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It was not long ago that you received our aid in confronting the powerful villain Grady Hines. His initial rampage threatened the lush farmlands of central Lordaeron with destruction. Gahrron's Quickening was completely eradicated by his army of oozes and required nearly complete reconstruction. It was only through the intervention of Ravenholdt and Grandmaster Krol that Hines, nicknamed "The Disgusting Oozeling" by citizens of Lordaeron, was finally defeated. Ravenholdt accepted no reward for their service then, but we now seek an audience with your Royal Highness. We have common enemies that are growing in power exponentially, and the situation should be mutually deliberated upon while we are both at Fenris. I suspect we can help each other.

- Grand Master Warester Van Dam

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