Castle ruins by jenovah art-d30qsqs

A city that was once proud.

The capital of Gilneas during the Great War of Lordaeron. It was put under siege by Ercate Sorsbrent and retaken from the Azure Church of Gilneas, but King Viktor Greymane did not live to see the new dawn.

Underneath Ginchar was the Underdeep.

Kruel's IntentionsEdit

The new dawn was short lived. Tobijah Kruel, who was once the Cardinal of Ginchar, returned from exile with an army. After the death of Mordred Baldanes he took control of the city and slaughtered its people to fuel an army of Black Iron Golems.

He then added insult to injury and blew up the entire city, sending whatever was left of it into the Realm of Shadows.

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