The Gimp
The gimp
Too Kinky to Torture

Real Name:



The Collective


Crime Lord







The Gimp was a Crime Lord of the Collective during the Great War.


The Gimp was a particularly perverse crime lord and member of the Collective who controlled the dwarven territories.

He didn’t wear a beard, in stark contrast to his people’s cultural norms. Instead, he reveled in his deviant sadomaschicism. He wore dark leather and a grim mask adorned with spikes. His skin was bloodily pierced and scarred. It was clear to anyone who looked upon him that the Gimp was the kind of brute who enjoyed physical pain - whether receiving or inflicting it.

He mostly ran strong-arm robberies and protection rackets.

When the Buffoon called together the crime lords of the Collective to announce his plan to kill Faldren Darafel, the Gimp voted in favor of the plan.

While he was away from his territory, the Gimp's hold on Port Baradin weakened. At the same time, Quinton Stone began a vigilante campaign against crime in the city and was tremendously successful. This led Facade, a supercriminal separate from the Collective, to seize control of the city's crime scene. When the Gimp returned to survey the city, a key part of the dwarven crime scene, he found it in disarray. Facade humiliated the Gimp and forced him out of the city completely.

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