Gerald A. Derleth was a merchant inside Middlecreek when it came under siege by Ephraim Marsh and the Esoteric Order. His journal contained one of the only written accounts of the event. He had a wife, Mia Derleth, and a daughter, Asenath Derleth.

Wizard by artbycarlos

As a Reformed One.

He was one of the few to be taken alive. Had he known what his fate was to be, he would have rather been killed, for he was transformed into one of the Reformed Ones.

Mathredis Firestar had Kristoff Waite killed and assumed command of his Reformed Ones. He then sent them to attack the Malefactors during the trial of Ephraim Marsh. Gerald Derleth was finally put to rest when the Malefactors destroyed the Reformed Ones in their assault.

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