Garn was a commodore from Stromgarde. After a battle between his fleet and that of Kul Tiras, commanded by Namor Periandrius, he found himself stranded upon Zul'Dure. When Donald Redpath attacked Ewekapu Marsh's city of New Barsmouth he and his soldiers fought against the forces of Middlecreek to prevent unneeded slaughter, allying with Ianthe Marsh and Xalmor Windrunner. When Xalmor defeated the Eels and slew Donald Redpath, Garn recovered the Councilor's corpse.

However, Redpath had actually survived. Xalmor later used him as a distraction, sending Duke Elliot's forces to attack him. Garn survived, with the help of Redpath, and infiltrated the Esoteric Order with some of his men and Lennart McNabb. Alongside Ewe they liberated the Nidhogg, the ship of Bartholomew Dampwallace, along with the EOS Miasma and EOS Ilyos. They then sailed to Port Baradin to get repairs for the damaged Nidhogg. That night, Nat Sherry told the crew the Tale of the Seven Proud Sons, which Garn believed was nothing more than a fairy tale unlike Sherry.

Garn eventually met with the Stormwind fleet and negotiated on behalf of the royalists. He afterwards sailed back to Stromgarde in secret and joined forces with the royalist guerrillas, winding up in Strom's Hand.

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