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I will accept the burden placed upon me.

A captain of the royal guard assigned to Alford Menethil, Friedrik distinguished himself over the course of several foiled assassination attempts and state visits. Known as both brave and a reliable family man, he was trusted to the extent that Archbishop Thomas Marden considered him for the post of chief of his new Esarim order alongside Cerzimon.

Friedrik de Mon marched with the Imperial Host to Silverpine where he fought against the armies of the Hesperian Alliance. When Andol Corin sacked Capital City, Friedrik rode off to fight in the new civil war that gripped his country. He arrived too late, but not late enough to rush to the defense of Archbishop Marden. At the Church of the Holy Light he rallied his Esarim against Andol's forces. Unfortunately for him, some of his Esarim went mad and began to butcher the defenders, allowing Andol to capture the Church and the Archbishop.

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