Franek Snowburn
Feel the burn!


Hesperian Alliance


Member of the Council of Six, Administrator of the Violet Citadel







Considered wise enough to be elected onto the Council of Six, Franek Snowburn was one of the most renowned of magi in all of Hesperia. Born in a backwater in Silverpine, Franek left his home out of his own choice to travel to Dalaran and take up the path of learning. His life was dedicated to the preservation of Hesperia, which he grew to love, and to the well-being of his students and friends. In his elder years, Franek began to recognize the growing threat that Lightist fanatics were beginning to pose to the way of life in Hesperia. This led to a personal crisis, resulting in Franek deciding that the inability of the Council of Six to act as a single entity was nothing but a weakness. Franek knew that Dalaran needed a single man with absolute power to be able to make firm decisions without bickering and squabbling. Realising that promoting himself for such a position would seem selfish and garner little support, Franek instead chose fellow Councillor Javali to invoke an election with the Council and the people. The people voted in favour of a dictatorship to protect them, and thus it was that Javali rose to power with Franek as his advisor.

The other members of the Council of Six were not thrilled, however. Grigori Dosantos, Nicholas Drake and Casamir Odelic formed the Kirin Mora resistance movement. When they attempted to leave Dalaran, Franek ambushed them with his forces and attempted to arrest them. A battle ensued, and Franek was forced to kill Nicholas Drake, a former pupil of his.

Over the months, Franek remained in Dalaran to coordinate the Hesperian Alliance, but was eventually sent ahead to Tarren Mill to help protect it from an Alterac invasion orchestrated by General Mikhail Gabranth. Franek held the line alongside Sister Isis, but was captured in the final hours of the struggle.