It's just a flesh wound!

A sergeant of the Perinany Legion and one of its most respected and skilled fighters. Alongside Rinal Sourlan, his dear friend, he served under the battalion of Gustav Mageriff of the Fist of Humanity. Both Rinal Sourlan and Eaconberth were sent to Fenris Isle to represent the Perinany at the summit. When fighting broke out, they sabotaged the pagan ships with arcane bombs. Afterwards, they travelled to Lordaeron City to handle diplomacy with Alford Menethil, and managed to arrange an alliance between the Perinany and Lordaeron.

After Marshal James Sherman set out to aid Mattheus Perinany against the Hesperian Alliance, Eaconberth and Sourlan travelled with Cerzimon to Caer Darrow and formed the Companions.

Eaconberth was grievously wounded fighting Zinizar and henceforth gained a reputation for sturdiness in the face of injuries that would fell any lesser man.

Eventually he was contacted by Gustav Mageriff, who was plotting to defect to the Hesperian Alliance. Eaconberth agreed to join his plot, and revealed his treachery in Venege. But Gustav Mageriff's coup was not going to happen as easily as he thought.


Thomassy fought and defeated Augusta, who had come to oversee the transition of power, while Adaen Melrache, James Sherman and loyalist Perinanies fought the traitors. Eaconberth was dealt several flesh wounds in the fighting, but would not go down easily.

He only stopped moving once he had been beheaded by Rinal Sourlan.

Mageriff was imprisoned, but the defeat of the traitors was kept a secret from the Western Legion of Hesperia, who continued to march towards Venege to accept its surrender. Venege was to become a trap.

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