Filbert de Niglac was a senior archmage of the Kirin Mora, and an old friend of Grigori Dosantos. A staunch supporter of conservative views, the last thing Filbert supported was change in Dalaran. Change came in a form he would never have dreamed of, as the Council of Six called an election both between themselves and with the citizens of the city on whether to elect a dictator or not. Unable to intervene, Filbert de Niglac watched as Javali rose to power. In response, Filbert helped form the Kirin Mora alongside Grigori Dosantos, Casamir Odelic and Nicholas Drake.

It was not long before both Casamir Odelic and Nicholas Drake were lead, leaving Filbert de Niglac and Saadhal Mundis as the right and left hand men of Grigori Dosantos in the rebel city of Ambermill, the headquarters of the Kirin Mora. It was in Ambermill that the Kirin Mora made a stand against Dalaran's Western Legion under General Niccolo Marius and Count Dorian Armonis of Nevezia. Filbert welcomed the assistance of Thomassy, court wizard of Lordaeron, and the aid the Perinany Legion were poised to provide. However, he was forced to flee when the battle turned in favour of the enemy. Saadhal Mundis remained behind to buy time and lost his life in the process. Filbert, however, escaped with the rest of the Kirin Mora and reached Lordaeron City. There, Filbert played a key part in activating the thirteen Black Iron Golems that had been dug up in the palace gardens.

With the golems and the military might of Lordaeron to back them, the Kirin Mora returned to Silverpine Forest with the onset of winter to engage in battle with the pagans once again and to attempt to retake Ambermill. Filbert de Niglac reported news between the Kirin Mora and Marshal James Sherman, and watched as the golems turned rogue. The golems caused great devastation until they deactivated on their own.

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