Faldren Darafel
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I am the menace of the running waters, and the, uh, scourge of river vessels. Stuff like that. Nevermind.




Pirate Admiral






Half Elf

Faldren Darafel was the admiral of the Kingdom of Alterac during the Great War of Lordaeron. The son of Anandor Darafel, he had connections to The Collective.


One of the few half-elves to grace Azeroth in the earlier centuries, Faldren Darafel found that his exception to the rule made him stand out from the crowd. It was leverage to make up for his dastardly personality. Unfortunately for him, a decent lifestyle was not on his repertoire of choices. He eventually found himself murdering the admiral of Alterac, Lazare Larkin, and taking his place.

The Great WarEdit

As the new admiral of Alterac, he was entitled to a hereditary position amongst the Chancellor regime. To this, he accepted happily - only he did not understand all that such a role would truly entail. Over the years Faldren was to be notorious along the rivers for his pirating and corsair escapades against seaside towns and merchant shipping. His fleet was known from Darrowmere Lake as far as the open sea.

His dark deeds made him a reviled and hated man, and he rarely showed mercy to his captives, despite his humour.

When Warester Van Dam stumbled across him, an opportunity arose for an unlikely alliance against the Chancellors of Alterac. When the time came, Faldren returned the confiscated Fang of Korialastrasz to Warester Van Dam.