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Council of Tirisfal


Councilor of Tirisfal



The diminutive race of the Gnomes were very reclusive and unknown to the world at large until centuries after the Great War when a gnomish village was discovered by the Dwarves. Having an affinity for magic, however, the Gnomes were noticed by the Council of Tirisfal much earlier. They historically have held seats on the Council, and during the Great War the Gnomish Councilor was Erbag.

While on the Council, he met and married a high elven woman, fathering Shortee Fizzlebang.

Erbag used the ruins of the abandoned High Elf Kingdom of Shorel’thalas as a base of operations with the other Tirisfalen during the Great War. Along with Relfthra and Kithros, he recruited Grand Master Warester Van Dam for a mission to rescue the Tirisfalen mage Rodin Fornsform. They traveled together with Van Dam to Gilneas, where they found Rodin in the custody of agents of Ravenholdt and in the midst of a huge battle. Erbag’s magical intervention prevented them from being overun.

He pioneered the Thunder Knee technique.

The Council of Tirisfal
Erbag  · Meryl Winterstorm  · Kithros  · Relfthra  · Scavell

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