Eralas Trollbane was the King of Stromgarde at the start of the Great War.

Fighting for Stromgarde wherever there's trouble...

The Great WarEdit

Eralas Trollbane was the older brother of Dorath Trollbane, more cautious than his warmongering brother.

When Eralas Trollbane attended the Fenris Summit, Dorath was left as regent of Stromgarde. He took the opportunity to mobilize the armies and crush what was left of the Arathi Freedom Movement. At Fenris, Eralas lost almost all of his bodyguards to the slaughter that took place there. War broke out between pagans and Lightists, but Eralas wanted to keep Stromgarde out of the war regardless. He declared Stromgarde neutral.

By the time Eralas had returned to Stromgarde, he had fallen into a severe depression and abdicated shortly afterwards. Dorath Trollbane became king, and eventually declared war upon the Hesperian Alliance. In the meanwhile, Eralas answered the elven call to arms and travelled to Quel'Thalas to fight the Amani.

He participated in the First Battle of Silvermoon, which was lost. The elven race and Eralas' retinue retreated back to Quel'Danas. With Anasterian in a coma, it fell to Eralas to protect the island. Seizing their opportunity, the Benefactors under Kariel Winthalus attacked, hoping to kill Anasterian. Eralas bought Anasterian's royalists time to teleport to safety with the Sunking. Staying behind, Eralas mounted a vicious defence and came face to face with Kariel Winthalus.

In one-on-one combat, Eralas proved a match for Kariel, and cut off his arm. Kariel responded by blowing a hole through Eralas with his magic before passing out.

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