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Ephraim Marsh was one of the four dukes of Grinwillow. As a Marsh, he was among the most influential of the main four families. Extremely conservative, he was the voice of the Prophet to Zul'Dare.

He had two children, Ewekapu and Ianthe. His major rival in the Esoteric Order was Duke Galmin.

When Xalmor Windrunner took over the Esoteric Order, he put most of the army under him under Ephraim's command and sent him to raze the traitorous Middlecreek. played with the city and its inhabitants for three weeks before destroying what remained and killing its remaining citizens. The army kept the women of the city as slaves, mostly for sex.

Under the orders of Men'heva Ephraim lifted the mystic fog around Zul'Dare, unveiling a massive fleet, the fleet of the Awakened which he had been constructing for years. Ephraim was appointed head of the fleet and sailed it against Kul Tiras and Men'heva's enemy Phorcys. His forces occupied Tol Barad where he met the lord of the Benefactors and Sunking of the time, Kariel Winthalus. He assisted in the attempted retaking of Silvermoon from Jin'thek and his armies, but the retaking failed. His holdings in the Baradin Bay damaged by Stormwind, he returned to his home.


Ephraim Marsh in armour; in Dalaran. Actual fan art.

Much to his dismay, home was no longer his to return to. Xalmor Windrunner and his Malefactors had taken over the island for themselves. However, Ephraim's army far outnumbered the defenders. He would have succeeded if not for a serum that broke his hold on the half-troll army, developed by the Malefactors. It sent the half-trolls into a blind rage, and they attacked each other. Brutus Armaggon led a team to apply it to Ephraim himself thus sending the entire army into a rampage, but Ephraim defeated them.

William Olmstead betrayed Ephraim, allowing Brutus to apply the serum. The two combatant fell into the sea. The Eel, now in his element, was able to hold his own. However, Ephraim was able to channel the blood power of all those slain in the battle and overwhelmed Brutus. He then defeated Anazar, Melusine, Donald Redpath and even Xalmor himself. He was about to finish off Xalmor before Ianthe, now a Malefactor, shot an arrow through his neck. Redpath ensured that Ephraim survived, so he could stand trial for his crimes.

At great cost, Mathredis Firestar extracted him.

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