A member of the old guard even before Yol'Tithian had cemented his legacy, Elyon Summerdrake was one of the most trusted of the Benefactors. He served under Kariel Winthalus throughout Kariel's tenure as self-declared King of the Elves, from Quel'Danas to Tol Barad and back to Silvermoon City. Summerdrake begged Kariel to let an avenue of escape open for the trolls during the Second Battle of Silvermoon, as the cost in lives to find and kill every troll in the city would be too high. Kariel Winthalus refused, however.
Call to the grave by daarken-d43bdnu

We all die at some point, Winthalus.

During the taking of Sunfury Spire, falling rubble killed Elyon Summerdrake and Ysuria, the Portal-weaver.

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