Elrich: Lord of the Crimson Flame

Elrich was one of the three leaders of the Crimson Cabal during the Great War.


The Crimson Cabal were pyromancers who were successors of the first magi trained in Strom by the elves to fight in the Troll Wars. They were lead by a council of three Lords of the Crimson Cabal, and during the Great War Magus Elrich was one such leader, alongside Magus Lijou and Magus Azshard.

During the conflict in Hesperia, Elrich traveled with Stromgarde’s army to provide support and leadership. He assisted Stromgarde in capturing the town of Seashire. There, he was contacted by the Guardian, Scavell, who sought an alliance with the Crimson Cabal. However, they were both was taken by surprise when the Eels of Kul Tiras attacked. Unprepared and underestimating them, Elrich and Scavell was captured and imprisoned in a Kul Tiras prison.

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