Druids of Caer Darrow
Druids Tabard

Main Leaders

Aeleas Cloudcaller, Fenthelan Swiftwind

Related Individuals

Amron Radiun Malad, Aelir, Kurgen Featherbeard, Saldor Shallowbrook

Capital/Based In

Caer Darrow


Up to a hundred druids who heeded the call of the runestone


To maintain Cloudcaller's Vigil, and lead the High Elves back to redemption in Kalimdor

When Dath'remar Sunstrider went into exile across the sea, the Kaldorei druid, Aeleas Cloudcaller, asked of Cenarius the chance to follow the Highborne and watch over them. Cenarius agreed to his request, and demanded that Aeleas travel across the sea and raise a runestone in a place of great nature magical power. The runestone would call beings in touch with nature to become druids. Cenarius sent with him beasts and birds of Kalimdor, and it was on the island of Caer Darrow many, many years later that Aeleas first prepared for what he had come to do.

Cloudcaller's Vigil; his eternal mission to watch over and guide the Highborne back towards home. Under his tutelage, many High Elves flocked to Caer Darrow, training to become druids. When knew his time had come, he had but to choose from amongst two druids as to who his successor would be. It was either to be Amron Radiun Malad or Fenthelan Swiftwind. As Amron could not settle his demons and his pains, Aeleas passed the mantle of Cloudcaller's Heir to Fenthelan. Once Aeleas had passed away, the bitterness within Amron led him to storm off and leave the druidic order.

Under Fenthelan, there were many more who arrived in Caer Darrow to answer the call. There was even a dwarf, Kurgen Wildhammer, though once his training was complete he returned to lead his clan back home. The Green Dragonflight in particular maintained an alliance with the druids.

As the Druids of Caer Darrow were believers in the Kaldorei ordered vision of nature, their doctrines ran contrary to those of the god Mnesthes, spirit of life, death and the untamed wilds. Mnesthes attempted to destroy the druids, sending his Viridian Prophet and the Prophet's allies, Kariel Winthalus, Amron Radiun Malad and the Benefactors to slaughter the druids. Jin'thek and James Sherman happened to be there on separate missions, and their intervention rescued the druids. Amron was killed, Kariel was captured and the Prophet forced to flee before the wrath of Lethon.

A millennium later, the orcish Horde rampaged across Lordaeron. With the assistance of traitors from Alterac, Cinder Darafel and his ilk, they gained access to Caer Darrow. Gul'dan the Warlock murdered the druids and hewed the runestone. He personally duelled and killed Fenthelan Swiftwind.


The Last Druid

After the Second War, quiet settled over the continent. Before the outbreak of the Third War, a High Elven Archpriest by the name of Aelir beheld visions and dreams of the slaughter at Caer Darrow. He travelled there, answering the call of the wise, and took up the mantle of Cloudcaller's Heir. He was to be known as the Last Druid.

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