Dorian Armonis


Hesperian Alliance


Count of Nevezia







Count Dorian Armonis was the lord of the city-state of Nevezia during the Great War of Lordaeron. Though suspicious of Javali's intentions during the Hesperian summit on the eve of the Summertide, Dorian was one of many to quickly pledge his city-state to the Hesperian Alliance. He soon had an opportunity to prove his devotion to the new cause. Count Dorian rallied an army and marched westwards to assist Dalaran's legions against the rebel Kirin Mora. The arrival of Dorian came at a critical moment, and turned the tide of battle leading to a Hesperian victory. He proceeded to administer his forces in pursuit of the Perinany Legion and in defence of recently captured Ambermill.

His family were traditionally Lightists, but Dorian considered himself Hesperian first and foremost, and thus chose to stand against Lordaeron in defense of the Hesperian Alliance.

The Weaponmaster by justaman78

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