Donald Redpath
Donald Redpath Armor
In his armor for the invasion of New Barsmouth. Ceremonial armor doesn't do much to stop Viridian Lightning.


Malefactors; formerly Middlecreek


Assassin; former Councilor




Deceased; formerly assumed deceased, then killed for real.



Donald Redpath was a citizen of Middlecreek, husband of Onóra Redpath and the father of Reginald Redpath, who was a member of the Tirasi Royal Guard. While accompanying Grand Admiral Thaumas Proudmoore to the epochal summit at Fenris Keep Kul Tiras and their Kirin Tor allies were betrayed by the rogue Kirin Mora. Reginald was killed by a raging Skirvar Thaurissan. His death was devastating to Donald.

When Archibald Firallon, Gerard Falrevere and Lennart McNabb came to Zul'Dare, Donald met with them. When Yuric Caldwell was exposed as a traitor, Donald took his place as lord of Middlecreek. He then discovered the truth of the Esoteric Order's intentions and sought to warn Kul Tiras, seizing New Barsmouth. Allying himself with Namor Periandrius, he had Ewekapu Marsh and Lady Anazar sent by boat to Kul Tiras, while he lead Namor's Eels and Brutus Armaggon through a series of tunnels to attack Xalmor Windrunner and his army by surprise. Xalmor killed him with a blast of Viridian Lightning.

His strike at New Barsmouth left his city undefended. Within the month, it was razed completely by the army of Grinwillow led by Ephraim Marsh. The city's women and girls were taken by the army for use as slaves and prostitutes; the rest were slaughtered.

The Masked Assassin was a mysterious figure who first became known sometime after the Battle of Boralus. The Assassin infiltrated Grinwillow and killed Ligdus Galmin, who recognized the face under the mask.

Zul'Dari Assassin

The Assassin met Xalmor Windrunner at the temple on Maz'asi. It followed the joint Malefactor-Rebel attack force to Zul'Dare proper by hiding on their transport ship. It remained hidden until Xalmor went on a reckless mission alone in the ruins of Middlecreek. The Masked one saved Xalmor's life from a Keeper attack. Follwing Xalmor, they came to the former home of Donald Repdath. Xalmor burned it down along with all the other buildings in Middlecreek. The Assassin followed Xalmor back to camp, having joined his cause.

Character large 332x363 amon

The Malefactors took Grinwillow with a surprising lack of difficulty. Xalmor was invited to meet with Duke Waite in the forest, and had the Assassin trail him. Duke Waite noticed the Assassin and attempted to procure its identity through magical torture, only to find his faith-based magic absorbed. To facilitate discussion, Xalmor had the Assassin unmask himself, revealing his identity as Donald Redpath.

Redpath had not been killed by Xalmor's viridian lightning, but had absorbed it. That absorption reinvigorated and rejuvenated him, giving him the physical prowess needed to become the assassin.

He was fatally poisoned at the Battle of Fagerstrom.

The Malefactors
Xalmor Windrunner
Ianthe Marsh  · Brutus Armaggon  · Masked Assassin  · Anazar

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