Battle mage by dkiearth9-d3clg1x

By the grace of the Blue Child!

A member of a noble, Zinite family out of Norford, Corwin Hartengard travelled to Hesperia where he had family ties. His family ties secured him a place as a member of the Shield Guard of Dalaran. He became one of its commanders and was well placed to be enrolled into the Zaramim. When the Azure Revolution broke out he returned to Gilneas to join the pagans. He dedicated his family resources to the fanatical crusade that swept the countryside. His influence successfully ensured that the nobles of the land were mired in politics, especially in Norford, and could not react in time to stop Mordred Baldanes from capturing Ginchar and King Viktor Greymane.

Corwin remained as chief of the bodyguards of Herman Aranas and served through Zanzifos and remained loyal, even when Herman Aranas sought to pledge allegiance to the crown of Arinre Greymane after the revelations about the heresy of D'vorjakque.

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