Corin's Crossing was the ancestral home of the Corin family. The Corins were wealthy merchant nobles who came to influence much of the trade of Strattania. They were traditionally Bruxists, a tradition dating back to their beginnings.

The Menethil dynasty had always been fair kings, until their autocracy was influenced by the reign of Archbishop Thomas Marden. Under Marden, persecution of pagans became commonplace. Government interference also began to interfere with Corin trade, and the combination led to the Corins forming a part of the Maroon High Council.

Most of the Corin family was slaughtered outside Corin's Crossing by Marshal James Sherman during the Maroon uprising. Margaret Corin and Andol Corin, however, survived. Andol turned out to be Alford Menethil's illegitimate son and he used that knowledge to motivate him to seize the crown.

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