The Companions

Main Leader

Relgast Anvilmar

Secondary Leaders

Skirvar Thaurissan, Urel Wildhammer, Kurgen Featherbeard, Saldor Shallowbrook


To restore Relgast Anvilmar to the throne of Ironforge

The Companions were an assembly of adventurers and heroes that united at Caer Darrow and set out to restore Relgast Anvilmar to the throne of Ironforge.

This fellowship consisted of Skirvar Thaurissan and his friend Urel Wildhammer, who had set out to find a cure for the Highthane. They were joined by Kurgen Featherbeard and Relgast, both having travelled to Caer Darrow to heal Relgast of the poison that he had been subjected to at Cary'leh.

From Caer Darrow itself they received membership in the form of Saldor Shallowbrook, a personal guardian gifted by Fenthelan Swiftwind to ensure the Companions' success.

Having travelled with Skirvar, Folca Eaconberth, Rinal Sourlan and Cerzimon had been assigned to the mission to ensure its success and a Lightist foundation.

They travelled to Ironforge, where Bolverk Bronzebeard was being propped up by Voutgar Blackhammer for the position of Highthane. Relgast was undeniably the successor to the throne, and his return brought him support from the council and its thanes and even Bolverk could not deny his right.

Voutgar thus sent Agor Forgewright and assassins to try and eliminate Relgast on his way to the coronation. Urel was killed, but Agor and the assassins were defeated and Relgast made it unharmed. At the coronation, Cerzimon attacked Blackhammer to ensure that civil war would never erupt, realising that as long as Blackhammer lived, Ironforge would be divided. Skirvar was then free to lead his Dark Irons with Voutgar dead. Relgast was crowned and Ironforge was united and declared neutral.

After the coronation, minus Kurgen Featherbeard, the Companions set off to Port Baradin, hoping to rejoin the events in the north. There they met the Nightslayers under Robere de Changee, who had need of Cerzimon's services in relation to a plot conducted by Councillor Emberstone. Cerzimon and the Companions joined with the Nightslayers, but on the condition that the pagan dwarf army at Seashire was dealt with first.

There, Skirvar confronted and killed Yarin Angerforge who had revealed himself to be the mastermind behind the Highthane's death. They rescued Arlith Brightmore of Stromgarde while in Seashire, and Cerzimon revealed truths about the summit of the Perfectibilists at Shorel'Thalas in which Emberstone may have participated.

They then freed Alford Menethil and Thomassy from Snowfold, the estate of Dandred Asher, and commandeered a ship to take them to Fenris Isle.

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