The Collective was a criminal organization founded by Anandor Darafel. Based many out of the continents of Lordaeron and Quel'thalas, it included many disillusioned elves, but also members of other races as well. Membership of the Collective was and always has been a strict secret. Over the years many have said the organization has gone extinct, only for it to resurface in some form or another in the Eastern Kingdoms when least expected.

The parents of Myrokos Silentform were members of the Collective, but Krol was dispatched to deal with the organization and killed them both. After the job was done, Krol found the orphaned Myrokos and took him to Ravenholdt to raise as his own.

It is possible that Faldren Darafel retained ties with the Collective, and it is certain that resistance movements such as the People's Front of Lordaeron struck bargains with it. Canbrad in particular was known to use Amron Radiun Malad as a liason to gain support from the Collective.

They once had a counterpart organization in Khaz Modan and Stormwind called the Myriad, but it was destroyed by the one known as Facade. This created a power vacuum in those regions. When the Gimp gained power, he joined with the Collective, adding Khaz Modan to their territories.


Known members of the Collective Include:

Anandor Darafel

The Buffoon

The Gimp


Crystal Ball

Number Four

Number Five

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