Clan Bhelgar was a pagan tribe of the Arathi Highlands. Its members worshipped both Muhar and Zinine jointly. The women usually worshipped Zinine, and the men worshipped Muhar. Their mythology declared the two as brother and sister.

During the Great War, it fought under the banner of the Arathi Freedom Movement. When the Freedom Movement triumphed, Mallick Vitalian crowned himself king.

This was offensive to the Bhelgar, who fought for freedom. Instead they had put a new despot on the throne, and even worse, the new despot was a puppet of the elves; the Benefactors.

So the Bhelgar rebelled, attacking Clan Vereka and wreaking havoc in the north. Madreen Chameral and the Twins led forces to put down the rebellion. They conjured the likeness of a dragon amidst the final battle, and killed the chief of the Bhelgar and many of his sons, putting down the rebellion at last.

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