Cinder Darafel was the hereditary Admiral of Alterac during the Second War. When Alterac made a pact with the Horde, Darafel and his fleet were given orders to attempt to intercept and assassinate Uther the Lightbringer during his crossing of Lake Darrowmere, to bring relief to the people and druids at Caer Darrow. This attempt failed, and many prisoners were taken. Alterac branded Darafel a renegade to try and cut all ties that would reveal their alliance with the Horde. Upon the interrogation of the prisoners, however, it was indeed revealed that Alterac had betrayed the Alliance.

The treachery of Darafel was concurrent with his ferrying of the orcs across Lake Darrowmere. Amongst those orcs was Gul'Dan, and Darafel's treachery led to Gul'Dan destroying the Druids of Caer Darrow and hewing their runestone.

After the fall of Caer Darrow, the Alliance dispatched its ships along the lakes and rivers of Lordaeron to hunt down Darafel. In Lake Lordamere, Cinder Darafel met his end when the Alliance finally caught up with him. He was slain by the vengeful elf, Tera Whitewave of the Windwhisper.

Once the broken ships of Alterac and the dead bodies of their sailors came to rest at the bottom of Lake Lordamere, ancient magics took root. The dead rose again, with Darafel as their Lord of the Alterac Drowned. It was the arrival of Aelir and his water elemental, searching for the legacies of the druids, that led to Darafel's destruction.

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