Kruel's Zealots

Members of the Church’s Congregation

Cardinal Tobijah Kruel had been a religious leader in of the Church of the Holy Light in Ginchar, expelled by King Viktor Greymane many years before the Great War on grounds of lunacy and ill mental health. The Cardinal had rallied his followers and had fled into the Gil Mountains vowing a comeback.

In the caves and caverns of those mountains, the Church of Kruel was born. Its constituents were zealots and extremists who lost themselves in the Cardinal’s perverse perception of the Holy Light, and prayed upon the weak-willed and lost for new recruits.

The Church is made up of violent and often deranged fanatics.

Kruel taught the offensive yet suicidal prayer, the Holy Nova, to his extremists and used them as fodder in terrorist attacks upon pagan and lightists alike. One such attack was on Harrowdale and was lead by Amaulthar.

Upon researching ancient lore, Kruel discovered a way to empower Esarim of his own. He transformed select members of his Church into his own avenging angels, to kill and die on his command.

Notable Members of the Church of KruelEdit

Cardinal Tobijah Kruel, Leader and Founder

Amaulthar, Zealot

Bishop Balthazar Bludd, Kruel’s protégé

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