Charlie Vidal was a treacherous agent of Ravenholdt.

You have to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.


Charlie was a gambling addict with a passion for “Crazy Gnoll.” He carried a deck of cards with him at all times and felt a compulsion to play with them at inappropriate times. He earned the code name “The Knife” because he was always cutting the deck. He earned a position on the Nightslayers by winning it in a card game from Travot Ravenholdt.

Charlies was assigned to travel with Myrokos Silentform on his mission to recover the ancient egg. While maintaining a stealth perimeter around the entrance to Jintha’alor, Charlie fumbled his cards and exposed his position. This irresponsibility infuriated Myrokos, who sent him home and promised to have him removed from the Nightslayers and his code name changed to Charlie the @#$%ing asshole. Charlie left in shame.

Some time later, he encountered the Other and pledged himself to its service in exchange for his life. He traveled with the Other back to Alterac, where he encountered Giren. He then decided to be Giren’s stooge. Charlie met Travot Ravenholdt while in the citadel and lured him into a meeting with Giren, where Travot refused to help him.

He was next seen in Ravenholdt Proper, where along with Giren and Caxagord, he was attempting to locate Hellen. When Warester Van Dam returned and told Giren that Hellen had been killed, Giren left - but refused to take Charlie with him. Abandoned to the justice of Ravenholdt, Charlie refused to explain his actions and was summarily executed when Owen Zverenhoff threw him off Ravenholdt Mountain.

Unbeknownst to anyone else at the time, the real Charlie Vidal was killed in Alterac some time before Giren traveled to Ravenholdt. He was replaced by the black dragon Atrumarion, who survived the supposed execution.


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