Cattana was a city-state and part of the Hesperian Alliance. At the time of the Great War it was led by Count Sebastian Whiteford. When Stromgarde invaded Hesperia, it launched a lightning attack on Tornio and Cattana. Tornio opened its gates to the invading army almost immediately, while Cattana mounted a furious defence.

Cattana did not have time to prepare, however, so Stromgarde's armies cracked its gates open within a week and the city was overrun. It was placed under the command of Lord Captain Anderas. Sebastian Whiteford fled the city and joined up with guerrillas under the command of Madreen Chameral.

Eventually, Tiberius Leo led his Eastern Legion across the river from Tarren Mill and infiltrated Cattana. Anderas was defeated and imprisoned and Cattana was reclaimed for the Hesperian Alliance, marking the final chapter in Stromgarde's defeat.

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