It's a nice place to visit, but you probably wouldn't want to live here...

The Raptor City of Cary'leh is located in a canyon between mountains in Khaz Modan and is occupied by the intelligent Razormaw Raptors. The Razormaw Matriarch was the mother of the brood and city leader.

The canyon floor was littered with bones, concentrated around a massive cave entrance. Scattered throughout the valley were strange, crude huts, probably built by piling shrubbery and waste in certain patterns. They were odd to say the least, and the most impressive thing was that they had been built by animals. The raptors of Cary'leh milled about in the valley floor in their hundreds, if not thousands.

While Relgast Anvilmar was living in the highlands, he was ambushed by gnolls and the raptors saved him. The dinosaurs thought he was the second coming of their god, of whom there was a statue in the City (the statutes origins are as yet unknown).

Kurgen Featherbeard and Yarin Angerforge lead a group of Dwarves into the city to rescue Relgast. It was there that Yarin secretly poisoned Relgast. They arranged departure by gryphon. The Raptors were very sad to see Relgast go, but did not wish him to die.

They continue to worship him as their messiah (their “raptor jesus” so to speak), though they knew not his ultimate fate.