Carolus Alden was born of a noble family within the city of Stromgarde, and offered up to the Church of the Holy Light at an early age. His Arathi culture and traditions mixed with his clergy training to create a true force of conservatism. Alden believed that the Holy Light was best spread by Arathi imperialism, an even more extreme stance than even Thoradin himself had advocated.

Young Minister Alden admired the Bishop of Stromgarde, and was one of the last to see the old man alive before illness claimed him. Just as the Bishop was living out his final days, it was decided that the Church of the Holy Light was to be split. Archbishop Thomas Marden was denounced, and the title Bishop of Stromgarde was eliminated to make room for the title Archbishop of Stromgarde, head of the new church.

Alden soon took on the mantle of Archbishop, but he did so only to witness many orthodox clergymen walking out on the new order of things. Duokas and Daneb were the heads of the orthodox loyalists who fled into exile. They were to return months later with the military assistance of Lukas Notaras, Mallick Vitalian and Kariel Winthalus.

Duokas himself led a charge against the cathedral of Stromgarde. In the fighting, both Alden and Duokas were slain. King Dorath Trollbane was soon to follow.

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