Carl Greymane was the eldest son of the king Viktor Greymane and heir to the Greymane throne. Despite being the heir, he was still rather young, and his sister Arinre Greymane was actually the eldest of the children. He was kept safe during the Azure Revolution and away from the fighting. When Viktor Greymane surrendered and formed a joint governement with Mordred Baldanes, Carl remained outside of Ginchar.

In practice, Carl was held as a hostage against Viktor, and was kept in the north of Gilneas by Mordred Baldanes. He was personally taught a revisionist history of the revolution, and when Viktor Greymane was killed in Ginchar, the killing was blamed on Lightists. Thus, Carl was pro-Azure and was used as a figurehead to rally Gilneans against Ercate Sorsbrent.

Outside Zanzifos, Carl and Mordred confronted Ercate and his army with an army of their own. The fighting ultimately ended with Carl being captured by the Lightists and Mordred Baldanes being killed in the mosque at Zanzifos, ending the Azure Revolution.

Arinre Greymane became Queen and Ercate Sorsbrent passed away, allegedly of injuries sustained fighting Mordred Baldanes outside of the mosque.

Family treeEdit

Viktor Greymane
Carl Greymane
Arinre Greymane
Ercate Sorsbrent
Linus Wrynn
Twin A
Twin B

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