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Caitlyn Salz was a deckhand of the Nidhogg, the ship of Bartholomew Dampwallace. She was the younger and less treacherous sister of Harvey Salz.


Caitlyn was born two years after her brother. Her parents, Geoffrey and Kelly Salz, were distraught when developed a learning disability. The stress of the situation weakened her mother's immune system, leaving her highly vulnerable to a flu that claimed her life. Eventually, her father developed a process to heal the disability, but it greatly drained him. He spent the rest of his life teaching Caitlyn. Eventually, her father passed away as well, weakened from the magical process that he had used to help Caitlyn.

Caitlyn and Harvey had always been interested in the sea, a passion carried over from their parents, and moved to a coastal city after their father's death. Eventually, they were taken in by Captain Dampwallace. Putting their pasts behind them, they began new lives on the ocean waves.

Crew of the Nidhogg
Bartholomew Dampwallace  · Valabelle Dampwallace  · Kelda Dampwallace

Antony Moss  · Earl Jorguns  · Harvey Salz  · Hunter Kington
Caitlyn Salz  · Nickalaus Wadsworth  · Quinton Stone  · Maximus Wagner  · Samwise Wagner  · James Nathaniel Sherry

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