Black Master by redpeggy

Don't you forget about me.

One of the names of the conspirators under the command of Arronax Sanguinar at the Perfectibilist Summit was a certain 'Caetano'.

Years later, a certain old man, Archmage Caetano, was sent by Dalaran to take charge of Pellerno after the disappearance of the Lady Amorim. He was instructed by Javali to prepare a trap for the Stormwind armada that thought it was coming in peace. He failed, and Stormwind took control of the island.

During the Battle of Dalaran, Caetano stirred up trouble on behalf of his master Arronax Sanguinar, trying to ensure that both Lightists and pagans were crippled. He was hampered in his attempts by the Malefactors, who killed him.

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