The Buffoon
"If you liked my last gag, then this one will kill you!"

Real Name:



Independent; The Collective


Criminal; Murderer






Half-Human, (speculated) Half-Troll

The Buffoon was a criminal and brutal killer during and immediately before the Great War.


The Buffoon was a mysterious figure. Nobody knew much about him or where he came from and some speculated that he was a half-troll. He was renowned for his comedy and through effort had managed to work his way all the way up and become the Court Jester for Stromgarde’s royal family.

Without explanation, one day he snapped and slayed most of the royals. He manically juggled their eyeballs. Such grizzly gags would become his modus operandi. After that, he became somewhat of an eccentric


Actual fan art.

underground criminal kingpin. He was affiliated with the Collective, amongst others organizations.

Many tried, but despite multiple false positives, nobody ever managed to kill him. This lead people of influence to really want him dead, and they looked to Ravenholdt to get the job done. The Buffoon came into conflict with Krol on several occasions, becoming his arch-nemesis. However, not even the legendary Grand Master could take him down for


Shortly after his last battle with Krol, the Buffoon disappeared.

The Great WarEdit

Saucy jester by fear sas-d4a028d


Years later, Travot Ravenholdt encountered the Buffoon in the Box, a notorious gulag in Pellerno. It is unknown how the Buffon ended up there, but he been held captive for nearly 15 years. Somehow, the Buffoon maintained some kind of network from his cell in solitary confinement and was well informed of events. He was slain by Gerard Falrevere at the Battle of the Crimson March as an act of vengeance, because the Buffoon had killed Lennart McNabb on Hiji.

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