Dragonslayer by justaman78

Taken for a clansman! Phah!

One of Lukas Notaras's most trusted of servants, Bryenn spent his years as a messenger, bodyguard and diplomat for Redhill. He was born and raised in the Ivory tradition, as a disciple of the teachings of Muhar.

He followed his minister into rebellion against Dorath Trollbane, and joined in on the attack on Stromgarde City, leading Notaras' men alongside Rel, one of the lieutenants of the clan of Mallick Vitalian.

Once Dorath had been killed and the city secured, Bryenn and Rel were assigned by Notaras and Vitalian respectively, to hunt down the remainder of the royal family after Rathel Trollbane betrayed their whereabouts to spare his own life. Their targets, specifically, were Tatiana Trollbane and Katerina Trollbane.

With the help of their allies, the Benefactors, Bryenn and Rel established contact with the Bruxist assassin Melusine, who helped them to capture Tatiana and set out in search of Katerina, starting their search in Port Baradin, where she was last seen. There, they caught wind of the approaching Stormwind fleet and managed to ascertain that Stormwind was searching for Katerina and Tatiana. Melusine disguised herself as Tatiana and deceived Travot Ravenholdt and Wotan into accepting her onboard.

Bryenn and Rel accompanied Melusine to Rhodos, where they found Katerina. Katerina was taken to Stromgarde and married off to Vitalian. Katerina found herself accepting of her new role, helping bring religious tolerance to Stromgarde.

At last, Eldengar Trollbane retook Strom and seized the crown of the Empire of Arathor in the Battle of Strom. Bryenn was killed in combat with Jana Septim.

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