Broll Bearmantle
Bears: Godless Killing Machines


The Age of Men'heva


Night Elves; Rebels








Night Elf

In the Age of Men’heva, Broll Bearmantle was a druid who survived the slaughter at the Barrow Dens

When Men’heva set his forces upon the Night Elves in a surprise attack, Tyrande’s Night Elves were caught unawares. Men’heva’s first targets were the druids who slept in their Barrow Dens. His agents killed the majority of them, including Tyrande’s lover Malfurion. With a large invasion force and without the aid of the druids, the Night Elves under Tyrande Whisperwind were on the defensive.

The Night Elves, with Broll, eventually decided to combine forces with the rebellion against Men’heva in the Eastern Kingdoms lead by Jaina Proudmoore.

Broll joined a covert party to raid Karazhan and recover the Scroll of Lore with the time travelers Warester Van Dam, Krasus, Hocus Snood and his fellow rebels Jaina Proudmoore, Nathanos Marris, Illidan Stormrage, Alonsus Faol, MacKilligan, Dick Cipher, and Laterbrus.

He was seemingly killed in the effort when he fell into a chasm, fighting Jastor Gallywix and Black Iron Golems as he fell. His true fate is unknown.

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