Borett Pureblood
Borett Pureblood


Witch Hunters, Kingdom of Lordaeron


Witch Hunter Lieutenant


Deceased/Killed in combat by Andol Corin near Tyr's Hand



Borett Pureblood was a young Witch Hunter, a lieutenant who served under Marshal James Sherman during the liberation effort in Strattania.

Biography Edit

Borett Pureblood showed talent in combat and a sharpness of mind very early into his military training as a soldier in the army of Lordaeron. His devotion to the Holy Light led to him being one of the select few chosen for induction into the special order that the Church had put together to hunt pagans and enemies of the Light; the Witch Hunters. The Witch Hunters proved to be an ideal organization within which Borett could harness his skills and feed his aspirations. Eager to make his family proud, Borett tended to his duties with strict devotion. Nonetheless, he was soon known for his eagerness to seek glory and repute above all else, which often put him in danger.

Over the years he commanded several small operations and witch hunts across the kingdom, which put him in favour with Marshal James Sherman, whom he occassionally worked with. Sherman welcomed Borett as his second during the rebellions in central and eastern Lordaeron, and Borett accompanied the Marshal to Stratholme where it was expected that the Maroon Cult of Brux would be striking.

Surely enough, the Maroon Cult laid siege to the city, and Borett Pureblood was all too happy at an opportunity to prove his worth. His zeal led him out of the very gates of the city and in a ferocious charge against the Maroons alongside James Sherman. The two of them faced off against two of the Maroon cult lords, Sagan, the gnoll warlord, and Wiglaf Folles. Both Maroons were slain, but Borett was wounded in the struggle. Nonetheless, victory had been achieved at Stratholme that day.

Demise Edit

Borett Pureblood accompanied Sherman throughout the rest of the campaign to liberate Strattania. He helped secure Corin's Crossing and capture the majority of the Maroon High Council, which was summarily executed save for Margaret Corin. Afterwards, Pureblood and Sherman rode to Tyr's Hand and helped liberate the city, which had suffered greatly at the hands of the Maroon siege under Andol Corin.

Sherman let Pureblood lead the front lines, and when it was known that Andol was attempting to get away, Pureblood gave chase. Without any proper backup, Pureblood was ambushed in his attempt, and after fierce fighting, he was slain by Andol Corin near the city of Avalon. Sherman was to keep the memory of Pureblood fresh in his mind as he set out to finish off the Maroon Cult of Brux in the Hinterlands.