A young member of the Malachite Hand. His personality made him ill suited for the role of an assassin, so he was assigned to do a lot of administrative work in Braent. What he did not know was that he was only allowed to remain in the organization because his father had been a valued member, and the Malachites felt that they owed his memory something. He was nicknamed "Caps" because of his love of hats and caps. Sometime during a training exercise, he received a blow to the crotch, and developed erectile dysfunction as a result. This cause his wife to leave him.

When Braent fell to Cemal Soben, the Malachites evacuated and Bobby "Caps" Locke joined up with other agents in the wilderness and ended up outside Ginchar. During the assault on Ginchar, Locke was one of the few who was able to retain the grip on his life and as such was transported to the Plane of Shadows with the city. In the Plane he discovered that he had regained control of the volume of his voice and that his erectile dysfunction was cured, a fact he discovered upon seeing Amarian Zeshuwal and Barbara Friendly. He made certain to tell Amarian this, though he honestly meant it as a complement.

The CoreEdit

Locke followed Relfthra into the Core alongside Amarian, Korrin and Jammal Hildebrand. There he met Ianthe Marsh, Voldana, Kraus Gardham and the Masked Assassin. An Enchantment named Bridge introduced them to the Core.

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