Bill 'Broseph' Sleeve was an agent of Ravenholdt and one of its Nightslayers. He partook in the Operation Ravendawn mission against the Chancellors, serving alongside Travot Ravenholdt and Vord Wallis. He was a student of Vord Wallis and was thus an axe wielder. Bill was dismayed when the party lost Vord against the Other.

Alongside Jimmy Knockerboxers, he was captured by the Chancellors and experimented on. Jimmy became a mindless mutant, but Bill managed to escape before the transformation destroyed his mind. He fought the creatures of the Chancellors in the underground, even after the Chancellors themselves were defeated. Eventually, he came across Maximus Krowl and Owen Zverenhoff who had been deceived by the Black Dragonflight and left in the labyrinth to die. Bill helped them escape the mutants and led them to his safe-house, and afterwards disappeared to whatever fate was to be his destiny, unable to face the world outside.

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