When Jin'thek placed the soul of Aka'kaze into the body of Chamahuac, he regained the services of the admiral of the Zandalar fleet that had volunteered to help him. It was time to take Quel'Danas from the elven royalists.

Defending Quel'Danas was Grand Magister Rommath and newly appointed Convocation members. The trollish attack was spearheaded by the Atal'jin. Trolls soon followed, led by Kirio, Joa'mar and Maka. Finally, Jin'thek himself joined the battle to take the Sunwell.

The royalists were reinforced by other royalists from Caer Darrow and Kul Tiras, led by Tanilias Starseeker, Fenthelan Swiftwind and Nallorath Sunstrider. Jin'thek soon spotted Sunstrider, and thought he was Anasterian. He tried to kill Sunstrider, soon learning that Sunstrider's magisters and their Crimson Cabal allies were trying to use the Sunwell to destroy the trollish invaders.

Jin'thek intervened in time, but was cut down by Nallorath Sunstrider. Sunstrider was in turn killed by Joa'mar.

Although Jin'thek would have died, Chamahuac sacrificed the fetish that contained his spirit, and it housed Jin'thek's soul instead. Given valuable time, Jin'thek had to choose to flee atop Sun'jeng, or throw himself into the Sunwell to interrupt the elven ritual. Jin'thek chose to let himself be destroyed, and managed to stop the ritual.

The interruption of the ritual caused a massive explosion, which forced an end to the Battle of Quel'Danas. Part of Quel'Danas was destroyed by the blast of energy. By the time of the end of the battle, the Second Battle of Silvermoon was taking place.

Battle of Quel'Danas
Offensive Force Offensive Command Defensive Force Defensive Command
Zul'Aman, Amani









Nallorath Sunstrider

Atal'jin White-Haired Wolf Druids of Caer Darrow Fenthelan Swiftwind
Zandali Corps Aka'kaze Boralus Remnant Tanilias Starseeker
Brotherhood of Strom and Crimson Cabal Anrothan

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