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Bartholomew Dampwallace




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Captain Bartholomew Dampwallace was the owner of the Nidhogg, a pirate ship, husband of Valabelle Dampwallace and father of Kelda. Tall and burly with a beard to match, he was a jolly man. Bartholomew was a pirate almost his entire life. He met and fell in love with Valabelle during an extended stay at Port Baradin. At some point in the past be befriended Warester Van Dam.

He met Ewekapu Marsh in a tavern in the town of Drisburg. Offering Ewe transport on his ship, he found his departure forced to be made early. Drisburg was assaulted by the rebel forces of Janus DeMeza. Ewekapu nearly gave his life protecting Bartholomew's ship from a mage and was burned beyond recognition. Hunter Kington recovered Ewe's body under the Captain's orders and Dampwallace was pleasantly surprised to find his new friend still alive.

Barnabas Waite betrayed Ewe and Bartholomew to the Esoteric Order and the Captain found himself facing a mutiny orchestrated by Harvey Salz, his first mate. The EOS Miasma came to escort the Nidhogg to Tol Barad. Its captain, William Olmstead, killed Salz for being a traitor.

Ewekapu, assisted by Garn and Lennart McNabb, helped free the Nidhogg from the Esoteric Order's control, and they sailed from the Rhodos to Port Baradin for repairs. When the crew was blamed for illegal activities, they quickly departed for a job. A man named Micaiah would pay them for a trip to Fenris Isle.

Crew of the Nidhogg
Bartholomew Dampwallace  · Valabelle Dampwallace  · Kelda Dampwallace

Antony Moss  · Earl Jorguns  · Harvey Salz  · Hunter Kington
Caitlyn Salz  · Nickalaus Wadsworth  · Quinton Stone  · Maximus Wagner  · Samwise Wagner  · James Nathaniel Sherry

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