Warrior monk by Hideyoshi

There is no place like home.

Barnabas Waite is the nephew of the extremely old Duke Waite. He wears a full-body cloak at all times as is the custom of the older members of those from Grinwillow. As he is not in line for the dukeship he has become an advisor. Most recently he was sent to advise Ewekapu Marsh in New Barsmouth; they do not see eye to eye.

Ewe refers to him as "Barny", much to the chagrin of Waite.

He was killed by Ewe while Ewe was making his escape during the Battle of Rhodos.

The Esoteric Order
Xalmor Windrunner
The Dukes of Grinwillow (Duke Marsh of Barsmouth  · Duke Waite of Miasma  · Duke Elliot of Ilyos  · Duke Galmin of Dunwich)
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