Bishop Bludd

This Bludd's for you!

Balthazar Bludd was Cardinal Tobijah Kruel’s protégé when the Cardinal was a religious leader in of the Church of the Holy Light in Ginchar. He began his service to Kruel as a mere alter boy, but soon grew into a large and powerful man, almost a physical match for Kruel himself. His time with Kruel changed him, and he began strangling cats for fun.

When Kruel was expelled by King Viktor Greymane many years before the Great War on grounds of lunacy and ill mental health, Bludd followed Tobijah as he fled into the Gil Mountains. There, Bludd helped establish the Church of Kruel, where he served his master with unwavering ruthlessness and loyalty. He was a true believer, and unlike most, Kruel did not consider him expendable. He was appointed to the rank of Bishop and was a leader amongst the extremists.

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