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Attainment of knowledge begins at birth, but attainment of wisdom begins with Zinine.

When Gilneas was founded as a nation, breaking off from Arathor, there were conflicts at a religious level as well as a national one. While politicians fought over issues of sovereignity, pagan sects fought over religious dogma. Their Doctrine, the supposed divine will of the Four Gods, was debated and picked apart. The Zinites split into two factions; the Hareveim and the Azure Church of Gilneas.

Over the generations, the Gilneans took to heeding the will of D'vorjakque. Opposed by the Malachite Hand and the Hareveim, they fought many secret wars. Eventually, in the time of the Great War, Herman Aranas and Mordred Baldanes received the support they needed to raise a rebellion against King Viktor Greymane. It seemed to be the will of D'vorjakque, and so it was carried out. All the while, they enjoyed the guidance of Rodin Fornsform, the king's personal wizard. It was through the betrayals of Rodin and Parisot de Bracy that Gilneas was lost to the Azures.

Eventually, Mordred was instilled with the essence of D'vorjakque. It was around this time that the Azure Church of Gilneas realised that it had been deceived, though the source of the deception was not yet known. They knew that they had violated Doctrine, and tried to maintain peace by jointly ruling with Viktor Greymane. In secret, they prepared for the reunification of the two churches.

A meeting was planned at Zanzifos, where the Scroll of Lore would be brought from Dalaran to seal the reunification. A ceremony was conducted by Herman Aranas, Xalmor Windrunner and the Lady Anazar. Afterwards, however, the Lightists under Arinre Greymane and Janus DeMeza attacked Zanzifos. They captured it, but Mordred's own forces soon descended upon it as well.

At the same time, Mordred discovered the source of the deception which had led to the rift. It was D'vorjakque himself. Parisot de Bracy and Rodin Fornsform, however, were already aware and served D'vorjakque regardless. When Mordred expressed a desire to reunify the churches but also to reject D'vorjakque, they subdued him, and the possession continued.

When Mordred tried to reclaim Zanzifos, he managed to batter through D'vorjakque's willpower to warn Herman Aranas of the deception.

Followers of Zinine
Hareveim of Dalaran (Zinizar  · Anazar  · Javali)
Azure Church of Gilneas (Herman Aranas  · Mordred Baldanes [D'vorjakque]  · Parisot de Bracy)
Kelani Empire (Aszune)

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