Zinine guide the Hesperian Alliance!

Avette Korgal
became the Countess of Firezne at start the of the Great War of Lordaeron. Her family were devout supporters of the Hareveim, who operated out of Firezne before the Hesperian Alliance was formed.

Count Albizzi Korgal was her father and participated in the formation of the Hesperian Alliance. Shortly after its formation, he passed away. Some said it was to natural causes, but rumours persisted that it was death via treachery.

Avette Korgal led Firezne's armies against Stromgarde when it invaded Hesperia under Tribune Garrius Septim. Her forces joined with those of General Tiberius Leo.

She became a spy of Gianata, sleeping with Javali and reporting on him to her. Eventually, Gianata defected and fled to Kindred's Nave. When Javali learned of Gianata's location, he no longer had use for Korgal and executed her, taking her head as a trophy.

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