Augustus Fenris
Don't look at his eyebrow.









Duke Agusutus Fenris was the hereditary ruler of Fenris Isle and Fenris Keep. He swears allegiance to the King of Stormwind.


Duke Agusutus Fenris was the hereditary ruler of Fenris Isle and Fenris Keep. He swears allegiance to the King of Stormwind.

It might have seemed strange for distant southern Stormwind to have a colony so far north, but the keep was built by the first Duke Fenris, who was knighted under the orders of the Arathi kings of Strom long ago. They intended to police the cities in the shores of the lake with a naval base in its middle, but that didn't work and it ended up being the only piece of land belonging to Strom in the area shortly thereafter.

When the Arathi trekked south to establish Stormwind, all of Strom's vassals swore allegiance to the new King Trollbane. The one exception was the Fenris family, whose loyalty remained with the founders of Stormwind and passed from father to son all the way down to Augustus.

The Duke was notable for his incredibly thick unibrow. During his youth, King Alford Menethil had met the man and was unstructured not to look at the man's very prominent single eyebrow. The Duke was sensitive about it.

In Stormwind’s name, and in an effort to broker peace when religious tensions were running high, the Duke hosted a peace summit at Fenris Isle. The heads of state of most of the important nations on the planet attended, but the end result was a disaster and a battle broke out.

With a crash and a crack of thunder, a company of Kirin Mora lead by Grigori Dosantos, burst into existence in the centre of the chamber during the discussions, sending Duke Fenris flying. Fenris was catapulted by the spell, and crashed headfirst into a column with a fleshy whack. Warester Van Dam wondered if he had survived such an impact.

The battle eventually ceased, though with several notable casualties including Thaumas Proudmoore. Duke Augustus survived, but his condition was not disclosed to the general public.


After the Summit, Fenris traveled to Stormwind – abandoning his Isle and Keep.

When Travot Ravenholdt traveled south to negotiate an alliance, Stormwind eventually went to war. Fenris sided with Travot and became a supporter of the Lord of Ravenholdt, often acting as Travot’s mouthpiece.

No longer wishing to maintain his holdings, Fenris leased his Isle and Keep to Ravenholdt for 100 years.





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