FEZ Flame Sorceress by Liol

"When once I was your student in Dalaran, it seems that now, Saadhal, I am the master."

Archmage Augusta was the apprentice of Saadhal Mundis and one of the leaders in Javali's new Dalarani hierarchy. She was the Magus Primus of the Western Legion under General Niccolo Marius, commanding its spellcasters against the Kirin Mora and Perinany Legion at Ambermill.

She defied the illusion magics of Thomassy and confronted and killed Saadhal Mundis in Ambermill, after which the city was taken by the Hesperian Alliance.

When Gustav Mageriff tried to hand over Venege to the Hesperian Alliance, Thomassy engaged Augusta in magica combat once again. He sacrificed his eyes using blood magic to boost his illusion magic and create a web of confusion around Augusta, leading to his victory and her demise at long last.

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