Assassin-Magi leader

These guys are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time.

The Assassin-Magi were the elite of the Kingdom of Alterac. They were an order trained by the the Chancellors in the arts of stealth, assassination and in magic. It was a deadly combination that created some of Azeroth's most feared henchmen. They were consecrated to serve the memory of the dead gods Akaerna-Sagai and Xostheron.


The Chancellors used the Assassin-Magi from their very beginnings to help them usurp control of the Kingdom of Alterac. Over the generations, the Assassin-Magi served faithfully, until their brash commander, Morim Jaeaete, grew disillusioned with the Chancellors and their supposedly sacred mission. He attempted to lead a rebellion. Ultimately, it failed, and the Assassin-Magi were disbanded for decades.

In the time of Lord Tendura Xie, General Mikhail Gabranth proposed the restoration of the order. It was approved, and Gabranth trained himself in the ancient arts of the Assassin-Magi. With that knowledge, he was able to train a new generation, which was to serve under the regime of the time up until its final end.